I was 11 when my father first took me to New York City.  
It struck me even at that age --- this place is like no other. 
After graduating from art school I moved to NY, where I remained for 14 years working in the photo industry.  Although I rarely carried a camera during that time, I never stopped looking. Whether I was walking the canyons of glass and concrete or hurtling between sweaty subway tunnels, there was always an image or moment I ended up capturing in my mind. 
In 2010 I started returning regularly to a New York that seemed to be vastly different from that stored in the archive of my mind’s eye. In spite of the changes etching a new façade on the city of my memory, there remained a backbone of what is quintessential about this city.  New York is a timeless romantic canvas of concrete, glass and light, ignited by an undercurrent of unstoppable energy.  This time, I picked my camera and began recording it.
This is a selection of photographs that captures this timelessness.  The unchanging impressions that struck me as a child, as a resident of the city and on my many return visits, form the soul of New York City.  Indeed---this place is like no other.